A son's multitasking adventures of caring for his Mom. And how he survived to tell the tale.

The parent/child role reversal might not have been unique to Mark, but how he dealt with it was. A Cup of Tea on the Commode—a sad, sweet, and funny memoir—chronicles his adventures of filling his mother’s last years with love, laughter, and joy. Though not always successful, he came pretty damn close.

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About the Book

Mark lived in Los Angeles, enjoying the carefree bachelor’s life. He had no steady girlfriend, no children, and few responsibilities outside of work. But that all changed when “The Call” came. Genevieve, his eighty-nine-year-old mother, was on her deathbed. He rushed to New Jersey to be by her side. Hours became days, days became weeks, then she woke up. So, he moved back into his childhood home to take over her care. His first task, remove all hazards, which included the current caretakers.

After, Mark asked his mother, “Do you trust me?” She whispered, “Yes.” “Do you understand I will do everything in my power to keep you healthy and safe?” She nodded. “That means I’m in charge, and that means now you must obey me.” Her mood shifted in an instant. She looked him dead in the eye, then puckered up her lips. He wasn’t sure if this was a sign of surrender or one wishing him luck. He kissed her and hoped for the best.

The parent/child role reversal may not have been unique to Mark, but how he dealt with it was. One day, hoping to make Genevieve’s time on the commode a tad more pleasant, he offered her a cup of her favorite beverage. It was a hit, and a cup of tea on the commode became a staple on the morning menu, and the clear choice for the title of this sad, sweet, and funny memoir.

A Cup of Tea on the Commode chronicles Mark’s multitasking adventures of filling his mother’s last years with love, laughter, and joy. Though not always successful, he came pretty damn close.

Genre: memoir
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: WriteLife Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Paperback
Length: 448 pages
ASIN: 1608082946
ISBN: 9781608082940

List Price: $22.95
“In his own words, ‘Dedication is not my problem….’ Mark proves that beyond a doubt in this lovingly emotional dedication to (not only) his mother but his whole family and his life. Having a frighteningly similar experience with my own mother (albeit not as “hands on” as Mark) I couldn’t imagine the tale told better than here in this book.” — Larry Thomas, The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld
"I found A Cup of Tea on the Commode very moving. I like the writing style - the humour highlights Genevieve's stoic sense of fun. It is an inspirational story that bravely tells it like it is. I must confess, it brought me to tears, but then it also made me laugh. Good combination.” — Dr. Sharon Ager Wray, PhD in Sociology
“Really detailed story about Porro. I appreciated how he crafted this memoir. I enjoyed his story-telling and felt like I was part of his family at times. Five stars! Well-written!” — Kelly Pramberger, Goodreads
“This book, A Cup of Tea on The Commode, had me clutching it until done!” — Nancy May, host of Doing It Best with Eldercare Success podcast
“I always believe that the impact of a book is measured by the lingering thoughts and reflections that remain afterwards. And A Cup of Tea on The Commode scores highly in this respect.” — Paul Jeremaes, Co-author of Enter Your Flow, an Interactive Journey Toward Fulfillment and Happiness in Your Work Life.
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