The Lentil Soup Wager

While I heated a bowl of lentil soup for Mom, Tweedle Dumb leaned in to offer some sage advice gathered from years of serving her. “Gen doesn’t like soup.” I replied, “If it’s made and served with love, she’ll eat it.” She countered, “Wanna bet?” I couldn’t resist. “Okay, if Mom finishes the entire bowl, will you move out?” She sneered, stuck out her tongue and stomped off.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if Mom would eat anything I prepared for her. This woman with limited taste buds proved to be quite fussy. But when I served that soup—with no coaching on my part—she devoured every last lentil, and in record time. I captured it on my iPhone to share with Tweedle Dumb if she dared to see.            

I never asked Mom if she overheard my wager. But knowing how she felt about Tweedle Dumb and her cooking, and after seeing her wolf down that soup, I’d put money on it. And I was never prouder.    

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Published by A Cup of Tea on the Commode, a memoir

The parent/child role reversal might not have been unique to me, but how I dealt with it was. "A Cup of Tea on the Commode" chronicles my multi-tasking adventures, filling my mother’s last years with love, laughter, and joy. Though not always successful, I came pretty damn close.

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