The Story Behind the Title

Lots of people have asked why I titled my memoir A Cup of Tea on the Commode. So, I’ll do my best to explain.

My mother cherished her weekly trips to the beauty parlor for a shampoo & set. Occasionally, she’d spice things up with a perm and frosting that required a reintroduction to her family—even the dog needed a second sniff. However, those salon sojourns were but a distant memory. So, I launched the “Day of Beauty” to recreate at home that pampering she so loved, and I’m sure, so sorely missed. 

“Day of Beauty” soon evolved into its own multitasking operation. While Mom did her business on the commode, and depending on how long she took, I performed many of the chores on the DoB menu. These tasks included a full sponge bath, soaking her feet in Epsom salts, shampooing, conditioning, and blow drying her long, now silvery, hair. 

One day, hoping to make her adventures on the commode a tad more pleasant, I offered Mom a cup of her favorite beverage: hot tea with skim milk, no sugar. It was a hit. And from that day forward, A Cup of Tea on the Commode became a staple on the menu, and the clear choice for the title of my memoir.

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The parent/child role reversal might not have been unique to me, but how I dealt with it was. "A Cup of Tea on the Commode" chronicles my multi-tasking adventures, filling my mother’s last years with love, laughter, and joy. Though not always successful, I came pretty damn close.

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